Business Location Sessions

Environmental Photographs are being widely used across every industry. Keene Studio has been working in this style with creative professionals, real estate professionals and service industry executives for years. But now even the most conservative industries are embracing the look and feel of a well done, professional portrait that uses the business environment in place of a studio background. The most effective of these images combine natural light with flash and careful posing in offices, clinics, or lobbies, to produce a dynamic image.

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Metro Session offers both city scenes and foliage.  It manages to take the edge off of the formal business suit yet still maintains professionalism.  Session is $225 and includes one image.

Extended Studio

Are you a speaker or do you like to use your hands?  Full length or three-quarter length sessions can offer you the space to be yourself!  This session is $225

Studio Double 

This hour long session is a combination of the studio and Metro sessions.  It's perfect for people needing images for a website, brochures, or both.  It provides excellent flexibility and includes two images for just $325. 

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Support Staff Photos 

Staff Photos are quick an effective way to get your staff visible online like Linked In, Your public website and the company intranet. Photos help put faces with those names heard answering the phone and assisting. Photography done in your office space keeps the time your employees need down to a minimum. These photo sessions are quick and cost effective. Ask about our support staff photo pricing, all based off quantity of emlpoyees.  

Meeting Candid's

Candid working photos of your actual staff is incorporated into your marketing engine and create a more personal feel than stock photos. Unlike stock images you won't see these employees team building on other site site. Annual meetings are a great time to have us some out for photo candid's and groups. 

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