Composites and Cutouts

One of the best things about digital photography is the flexibility it allows. We take care in all three stages of the process, so that the photography, posing, and cutting-out are all done with the final product in mind. In the hands of our skilled, professional, digital artists, your composite images will be indistinguishable from group photographs. New composite groups can be produced from the individual photographs in any number of combinations, and when new employees are added, they can be added to group composites, giving your marketing department the ability to produce specific images for any campaign.


This Group photo was set up for digitally rendered backdrop. The individuals stay the same, but the look of location changes. 

Individual cutouts can use color options to match branding from web bios to printed proposals. 


1/2 page composite for Ad placement VS. banner image from website. Image is simply adjusted, instead of having to take a new photo.

Taekwondo Elite Team group was too large to take a photo of at the indoor school location where kids meet for practice, subgroups were stitched together to form a better presentation.